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    Driver update for 4965AG


      I hope someone can help me with resolving a driver update issue.


      I got a windows (XP SP3) message today that the wireless adapter in my HP Compaq 8710p has stopped working and will shut down. Later in the day I got a blue screen of death. I used "whocrashed" to analyse the minidump file that was created - but id did not indicate a specific driver as the problem - just that it was a windows problem. I suspected that the driver of the 4965AG (please note NOT 4965AGN) wireless adapet may be at fault and checked to see if the driver should be updated. The driver that was in use was version A PC Pitstop driver alert recommended that I should upgrade to version I searched the Intel website for the most recent driver and found version (here http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18744&lang=eng) - on the page itself it only lists the 4965AGN adapter - but in the release notes it does list my adapter - the 4965AG (the automatic intel driver scanner could not recognise the adapter so I found the manually) I downloaded and installed the new version. I could see in the device manager that the driver was updated - but when I tried to start Intel PROSet wireless I got a message saying  "Intel PROset software version does not support intel wireless wifi link 4965AG device driver version Please update the driver to one of the following version: 11.1.0.x.  Or install version 11.0.0.x; of intel PROSet/wireless software. I tried the install again - after which the adapter did not want to work anymore. Eventually I had to roll back to the restore point I created before the update to get the adapter to turn on again. In summary - the device driver updated - but no the PROSet software. Any advice would be appreciated.