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    cpu fan


      i want to control my cpu fan speed by a zalman fan controller i have. do i need to change any bios settings or just hook it up. is removing the cpu fan connection from the mother board to the fan controller ok or does the mb need a signal. dx58so with i7-920. thanks for any advise.  also what does the letters PWM fan stand for.

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          got no reply to my question so i got brave and disconnected all of my fans from mb and hooked up to fan controller. works great.

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            PWM = pulse width modulation. This is the method intel boards use to control fan speeds. PWM fans have 4 wires.


            I think most Zalman coolers come with 3-wire fans. If you were having trouble with mobo speed control, that's why.


            Russell in Texas

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              You should consult the zalman controller manual or website if there is one on how to go about it.

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                I looked on Newegg and every Zalman cooler there has a 3-wire fan. Zalman mushroom coolers use a weird fan, so may be difficult to find a replacement 4-wire fan. My last two builds used CoolerMaster or Thermaltake coolers. They came with PWM fans.


                Mobo fan control works GREAT if you have the right fans. I have been changing my case fans (on high-end Antecs) to take advantage of the on-board controller.