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    i7 930 temperature question


      Ok, i know there is a search button, but i would like to state what i have and you give me your opinions on the problems i am looking at and are they really problems.




      windows 7 professional 64-bit

      intel i7 930 = Intel Chipset Inf Update Program V9.1.1.1014 for for Windows XP 32bit/XP 64bit/Vista 32bit/Vista 64bit Win7 32bit/64bit

      using intel fan/heatsink that came with new i7 930 until my LGA1366 bracket kit comes in so i can use my thermalright 120 cooler.

      asus p6t deluxe v2 = BIOS version = 1003

      Corsair 3x2G  DDR3 1600 mhz ram = TR3X6G1600C8 G

      EVGA Nvidia GTX260 = v = 197.57

      antec 1200 (full size case) 3 front 120mm fans, 2  back 120mm fans, 1 side 120mm fan and 1 200mm top fan, i know i have great air flow. 


      now my frst problem is that when i use OCCT to stress the computer, within a couple minutes, my test will stop and say, "error detected on Core #2" and a second time said "error detected on core #7".  now i found this same problem beign discussed on OCCT and there is a new release i can get from the developers post that should correct this problem.  i have not tried it yet.



      secondly (more important) what temperatures should i be looking at?

      with computer IDLE and using core temp i see 37, 42, 38, 41 on my cores.  when i use prime95 i see close to 68-70 C across the board.

      i wiped off the thermal paste and used my arctic silver 5 paste.  i know the heatsink/fan is secure, the thing wont move at all.

      are these temperatures ok? i know i will see better temps once i install my thermalright 120.  but i am alittle paranoid that my temps stressed go to 68-70 C







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          Nope i can't see that you really have any problem at all.

          The temps are fine specially as they are core temps and not the overall temp(out of interest how long were yyou stressing the CPU with prime for?). but out of interest what is th temp of the CPU in BIOS?(i know this temp isn't when the CPU is stressed) but it is a very good marker for your CPU.

          Regarding OCCT, i really would not worry much, as long as you dont get any errors, freezes crashes etc in the day to day use you have nothing to worry about, i say this because intel won't replace your cpu based on that occt, or any other such program brings up an error. So accordign to them tis all good.