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    DH55HC and Bios memory setting



      I have a quick question. On the DH55HC my memory is showing run as T1 while the memory itself it supposed to be T2. There is no option in the bios to change that. Am I missing something or am I just going to have to be content with it running at T1?


      Here's what's in the box.

      Side note: Nothing is over or under clocked.


      mobo:   Intel DH55HC
      CPU:    Intel i3 540 (3.07GHz)
      VID:    XFX ATI HD 5770
      M:     4 Gig OCZ DDR3 1333 (OCZ3P1333LV4GK) ( X8 7-7-7-20  v1.5)
      Sound:  SB X-Fi XtremeGamer (SB073A)
      OS:     Win 7 Pro (64 bit)


      OCZ is telling folks that running the mem at 1.65v is fine.  The i3,i5&i7 spec warn agianst this.  They got rather nasty with me when I pointed this out and refused to tell me what the default multiplier for this module is.

      X8 seems to work fine (I think the Mother board defaulted at x10?) anyways, Any help would be greatly appareciated.


      (back story), I'm getting BSOD when playing Bad Company 2 <and sometimes Crysis Warhead, but I think that's the 64 bit process doing that> The game will crash, bluescreen and reboot. After that, the game runs fine with no more crashes. Personally I think it's a memory leak in the game where 64 bit is concerned as the same thing is happening to only the 64 bit crowd. But, I just want to make sure that I have all my ducks in a row and that there isn't some kind of hardware timing issue. Thanks!