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    Intel S5520UR problem


      Allo all


      I have a problem with dual 4 core nehalems with hyper threading, so I present 16 cpu's to the OS.

      I have just about 49Gig of ram on the box with a Adaptec AAC-RAID.

      Now in Opensuse 11.2 I get the following errors in the mce log.


      HARDWARE ERROR. This is *NOT* a software problem!
      Please contact your hardware vendor
      CPU 0 BANK 8 MISC 400015840 ADDR 18e2c80
      MCG status:
      MCi status:
      MCi_MISC register valid
      MCi_ADDR register valid
      Transaction: Memory read error
      Channel: unspecified
      STATUS 8c0000400001009f MCGSTATUS 0


      Has anybody got an idea what it is? Or what the fix will be?

      I have run across this:



      and that could be it.