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    Toolbox suddenly decides I'm running raid!


      X25-M 80Gb everything has been fine the past few days running RST 9.6, today toolbox 1.3 when I run optimiser tells me I can't because I have a raid configuration!


      The bios is set to AHCI nothing else indicates raid configuration and I have definately not set it up that way, I'm now wondering if RST drives are the way to go as I'm wondering about auto trim if the system things I'm running raid I might be better to go back to the matrix driver and schedule trim in toolbox.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated, I don't seem to be able to use the defaulty MS driver as the chipset won't let me uninstall RST or Matrix drivers






      If the SSD is compressed by W7 the above problem occurs, when un-compressed the optimiser works, this maybe a solution for other toolbox problems reported.


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