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    DG43GT suddenly reboots


      Hi, I have a problem with  DG43GT. I installed w7 and  apparently okay but then suddenly reboots. The Hardware monitor  detects excessive temperature CORE 0 while intel desktop utilities do  not detect any excess heat. Have you had similar  problems?
      Ps: I have installed the  031 version of bios.

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          When the system restarts are there any messages at POST?Also what are you doing when it restarts? does it do at the same point everytime?Hagve you check you have your CPU  heatsink and fan sitting properly?

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            Restarts suddenly  without warning and post at the end of boot. The reboot happens when I use the computer normally p2p or  facebook. The case is well ventilated with a fan  12 "CoolerMaster supply more than 12". I've seen  in systems management that the error is 6008 but the only patch  available is for Windows Server 2003. The restart occurs every 2  hours and 1 minute accurate.Thank you  very much