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    DX58SO Wont go with 3 mems sticks (freeze, BSOD, no boot)


      Hi There


      Got a I930 and a DX58SO board and if i use 3 sticks (2g) it simply wont work.

      I had a corsair 3x2 kit, and changed for a Kington KVR1333D3N9 (wich says to be tested for this board on an Intel doc.) and the problem still.

      When i boot using 1 or 2 sticks the bios says its  a 1067mhz memory, but it was suposed to be 1333.

      If i plug the last stick, it crashes.

      I was wondering to be a board problema, in considered changing for another kit (CPU + board)

      Any help would be nice.