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    Win Server 2008 R2 on S300AH


      Hello All,


      Apologies  if I have posed this in the worng forum...


      I would like to install server 2008 r2 on an S3000AH server board however, i see on this page that it is not supported.



      But I am not really clear on what this means.



      If I go to driver downloads, there are two drivers available.  (chipset and LAN)


      So can anyone elaborate on what this really means?  Can I install it but it is not officially supported?  Or maybe that page I referenced is outdated. Honestly, I did expect to see more drivers available but perhaps it is because win2008 comes with most drivers needed and if not, MS updates would find them?


      I have looked for some other posts and there sem to be people out there who have.


      Any assistance would be appreciated.