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    SOL/IDE-R what do I need for it to work?


      I have 88+ Dell Optiplex 780's all with vPro enabled.  How do I use the ide redirect if I want a pc to boot to my cd or a image file?  I'm using the Manageability Developers tool kit to manage my pc's.  I scanned all the machines into the Commander Tool and go to control a pc.  On the Remote Control tab I choose the Remote reboot to redirect CD but my pc just sits there waiting...and nothing happens.  On the Disk Redirect tab I see Redirect Active but when I choose to enable it I get the message "Both a valid floppy and CDROM drive or image file must be specified before IDE Redirect can be enabled".  Why a floppy?  If I'm reinstalling Win XP I don't need a floppy.  So, what am I missing?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.