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    Windows clients to backup data into SS4200


      Other than Copy-past manually, is there any opensource or affortable clients that will do the copy every night of the new files ?


      Here are the details.

      a) firmware

      b) 2 1TB harddisks.


      On my Vista laptop,

      I have enable iSCSI Initiator Properties


      Target Portals 192.168.1.xx port 3260



      Restrospect express HD

      It does not show any diskdisk where we can store


      When i go to windows exploer I do see my storage decive, when i click it, it launches SS4200-e  website.


      I was able to map the drive via FTP. But i really want to run a simple software that will copy my laptop files as-is to these NAS harddisks. let me know how to fix it