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    Intel Proset and the application settings menu



           We are trying to lock down our wireless clients to a single corporate wireless network and have implemented administrator profiles to this end. However, is there a way of removing the application settings menu as this seems to provide a mechanism to allow connection to non profile based wireless networks.



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          There is no such setting which can disable 'application settings' menu.

          But to lock down user activity i.e. ability to connect to non-corporate wireless network, you can achieve this by:

          1)Open PROSet Administrator tool.Go to Application Settings.

          2)Open Profile Connectivity option. Enable 'Disable user profile swicthing.....' option. Choose one of the two options.

          3)Add your administrator profiles in the Profiles tab of Administrator tool.

          4)Apply the package to the client box.


          Now, the user would not be able to connect to any Wi-Fi network other then defined in Administrator tool.

          This setting works only for Win XP PROSet.



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