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    BIOS manual


      Writing a program/exectuive, residing on a USB storage device, from which the machine will boot, without the need of any known operating system/bootloader, is my area of interest at present  (out of sheer fascination for microporessor).


      For that purose, i found very good manuals for the two motherboards and their associated chipsets on intel.com website, apart from the manuals for IA-32 and Intel 64 architecture.


      But there seems to be a lack of such manual for the BIOS running on those motherboards. While it may be possible to start writing the executive/boot program ignoring what BIOS is there, but that would require a entirely new driver for display, keyboard etc.


      I was wondering if Intel does provide any manual/reference for BIOS in order to use it inside the boot program/executive.


      Btw, i have two intel motherboards, S975XBX2 and DG33FB and i like them