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    What windows client to use with SS4200-E


      Hi All,

      I have Intel SS4200-E with

      a) firmware

      b) 2 1TB harddisks.


      On my Vista laptop,

      I have enable iSCSI Initiator Properties


      Target Portals 192.168.1.xx port 3260



      Restrospect express HD

      It does not show any diskdisk where we can store


      When i go to windows exploer I do see my storage decive, when i click it, it launches SS4200-e  website.


      I was able to map the drive via FTP. But i really want to run a simple software that will copy my laptop files as-is to these NAS harddisks. let me know how to fix it

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          You'll need the client storage manager. For the English version you can get it here:



          When you install the stoage manager software it will "configure" the system for operation. Part of this will be to ask if you want the included Retrospect software installed and to map the Backups and public drives to the client system. Not having the drives mapped is ususally what causes the issue of not having a disk drive to store data.


          The client storage manager provides greater detail than with generic browser access. The storage manager browser information is received from the Client Web-Server and the Device Web-Server. If generic browser used, information from Client Web-Server (AppWeb) is not available.