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    Driver confussion


      I have installed an Intel 80Gb X25-M, i have downloaded the tool box and read the user manual for same! it mentions 3 possible drivers, the default MS driver that enables trim, the Intel Matrix Storage driver that requires the tool box to be run, and the newer RST 9.6 which does the trim thing except not on raid.


      I'm not doing raid, but when I interogate device manager I see that my IDE/ATAPI drivers are shown as Intel(R) PCH SATA AHCI Controller! my system is newer running Core i7, I know I'm running AHCI via bios and system.


      So my question to Intel is do my drivers support native trim or should I be running tool box on a regular basis OR should I be changing drivers?



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          X25-M has 2 versions, G1 does not support TRIM, and G2 (2nd Generation) support TRIM.  You can compare you model# here, if it look like this

          SSDSA2MH080G1 then it means TRIM is not supported. hope this helps.

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            It's a Gen 2 and have figured it out! I installed RST which removed the matrix storage driver for me and everything seems okay, still I'll run toolbox once a week just in case.