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    DP45SG Boot Problems


      Sytem Build using Extreme Series MB,after installing all parts I cannot get the system to boot,push the on switch and nothing happens



      E7500 Core 2 Duo

      eVGA GeForce 9800 GT PCIE 2.0

      Corsair XMX DDR3/ 1333/ 4G Mem

      2 Sata DVD Drives

      1 SATA hard drive

      Cooler Master 550w Power Supply


      I researched all the parts to insure compatibility and all that seems to have gone for naught,after assembling the system

      Troubleshooting the system is nil I am not getting any beeps or anything the system will not boot

      What could be the problem

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          Compatibility list:

          Memory: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp45sg/sb/CS-029151.htm



          I am assuming that you have connected the 4 pin power connector for the CPU.

          Refer to the famous No Boot Wizard:



          Please provide these details in your next reply:



          AA Number:



          SL Number (found on the CPU itself):


          Have you tried another memory model? Always try to boot the system with only one memory module.


          Once you have got these, you can check if the CPU needs a bios update.



          As you can see from the compatibility list, it depends which sl number and board revision that you have got, then you can decide whether a bios update is needed.


          Note: You may need another lower-end CPU to do the update, if this is a new build, i would recommend you to go to the shop and get them to update the board bios for you.


          Check the release notes for the latest bios, you will see how many fixes were done?



          One of them was no boot with certain graphics card.


          All the best,


          Kind Regards,


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            You know what.... It is a mainboard problem(factory fault). We had many disscutions about the booting problem of the DP45SG M/b.It is not only you that got the problem, their are many people that got the same issues.

            I already returned 4 DP45SG m/b to Intel that does the same as what you experience.

            They will came with all these claims that it is incompatible hardware you are using.********...I test it with different Memory,PSU,Graphics Cards.

            I build now just more than 10years Intel board PC's, but this product takes the cake...

            I just send them now a week ago my DP45SG M/b, back to them. You know what their tech said I physically damaged the m/b..something about the H

            is damaged...I still want to talk to them about that that report, I just wait for them to contact me.

            I did not even installed that m/b into my computer, I just did a bench test, and it still did not post, so I sold my components,I bought a Toshiba Qosmio X500. I was just fed-up not to have a Gaming PC that is not working.

            Last weak I got some new components for the m/b and test it again, but still with the same resault. Now INTEL tells me they will not swop my MOBO..what ********.

            Sorry to inform you, but you have can so long just buy yourself a different motherboard and stop trying to get this one fixed.

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              Thank you for the input,I can sense the frustration that you have and I am getting to that point,I sent my board back adn have yet to receive it back and I am at a lost why they would continue to ship it bacfk when thier seems to be a manufacturigng problem in the beginning,I am going to wait on the board to get back before I voice an opinion.

              Thanks for giving me the heads up just in case I get the board back and it doesn't work.

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                Intel has shipped me another board,the first week after assembling ,I let the system sit there,I have had the system up and running for a couple of weeks now and the only problem that I am having at this point is the memory will not read correctly,I am using Corsair 1333MHZ,9-9-9-24,1.5V,the system bios will not configure this setting,it wants to set the memory at 1066mhz,8-8-8-20,1.5V,

                Is there a setting in the bios specifically that I can access that I will be albe to manually set the memory configuration correctly

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                  Is the Corsair DDR3-1333 - 10600 or 10666 or 10660 , I own this board and it will only work with , 10600.

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                    I own this board and have had it for a little bit over a year now and at first i had issues with the audio driver acting up and always crashing but a bios update and audio driver update has fix that for me atleast, as well as my video card or tuner card not sitting in right causing a hardware error crash every other time, not sure if it's  the board or the my case  or the cards itself, but i just simply bent the plate of the cards abit so that way i am able to secure them onto the case with my cards locking into the board nice and perfect how they are suppose to and that solve that problem.

                    as to memory this boards always tends to like to run on 10600 stock unless you set the memory timings and voltage on the bios page for your specific ram, then it should run at 1333 at stock, i have notice that when i overclock it i cant get it to boot at 1333 it will only boot at 10600.

                    It took a while to get used to this board and getting things to work right, but now everything is working like a champ and just love this board.

                    this is my set up


                    cpu-e8500     overclocked at 4.ghz  multiplier-9.5 fsb-422  cpu volt- 1.4  mch volt- 1.35

                    ram-patriot pvs34g1333llk   memory  set to manufacter timing specs but did raise the volt to 1.8

                    video- pny gts250

                    power- corsair 850w

                    cpu cooler-corsair h50

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                      Are you using the Intel desk top control center . I have the new ver. installed on my sys and it works great for Overclocking. My current SYS. DX48BT2,QX9650,dual HD4770 GPUs H50 cooler, Seasonic gold 850, I have set at 3.8 very stable , CPU on stock volts Ram on stock settings DDR3-1333, 8Gigs, Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

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                        you got a different board then me, looks like yours support 1600 fsb standard, as well as 1600 ddr3 ram.

                        I dont have the desktop control center as the one for my board doesnt work on my system for some reason i have try to download it but cant get it to run.

                        runing windows 7 64 bit and my system is very stable at the speed at i have it clocked at, i will try downloading it again and see if i can manage to get it to run.

                        Nice set up by the way. Where did you buy that board at?

                        might have to look online and see if i can get my hands on one, i got another e8500 on my HTPC.

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                          The DX48BT2 is still available at places like Ebay some times you can even find NEW or a factory refurb. But it's the BEST 775 Board that INTEL ever built.  But I do have both a DP45SG in one machine and a DX48BT2 in my other , In my DP45SG I have a Q9550 and 8gigs of DDR3-1333-1600, In my DX48BT2 I have a QX9650 and 8 gigs DDR3-1333-10600, The only problem with any of these boards is the RAM limits Running DDR3-1600 you can only run 4gigs. Personaly I would rather run 8 gigs of 1333 than 4 gigs of 1600. If you are going to do a DX48BT2 build and do it right you are going to spend some $$$

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                            The memory is Corsair - XMS 3 SDRAM 1333 (PC3 10666)

                            I entered the bios and Manually set the memory settings,I am now running stable at factory settings with the Voltage set to 1.55V,it will not set at 1.50 without memory code beeps on bootup

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                              I got the setup running by manually setting the memory in the bios to actory specs - Corsair XMS-3 @ 333,1.55V,Seems to be working fine now still loading software and haven't tried any gaming.I am not that interested in overclocking,the idea was to use the Extreme Series for general purposes

                              At what temp. isyour system running?

                              Here is my set up:


                              Core 2 duo-E7500

                              Zalman CNPS9500 AT Cooler

                              Corsair XMS 3 - 4GB


                              Cosair TX650W

                              NZXT Appollo Case the case has more than enough  room

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                                WOW,both are pretty impressive setup,I built this system with budget in mind,the cost of CPU  was a factor as well as the board,the DP45SG is ideal for my general use, I may at upgrade the cpu in the future,I am running stable now with memory set at stock,had to manually set the timing had to do a litlle fine tuning,will upgrade the memory.

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                                  I am not sure how different the boards are,the board spces says FSB 1333,for the DP45SG,originally got the board off ebay and it would not boot, contacted Intel and was given an RMA,took two weeks to get the board back after that it has worked fine

                                  Windows 7 - 64 bit

                                  4GB Corsair XMS 3

                                  E7500 - would like to upgrade both mem and cpu

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                                    good to hear you got your board up and running finally, the dp45sg its a nice board once you get it up and running i went threw my headaches untill i figure out my hardware crashes were to the cards not sitting in right on the board, and of course the audio issue, i switch cables thinking it was my hdmi cables reset the receiver settings i have my pc going threw, and finally got the driver to work by installing it with norton being turned off, not to say there shouldnt still be a new bios upgrade and audio driver for this board as the driver still needs work.

                                    I got mine overclocked and it runs at 35 when at idle averages low to mid 40's with some load and at 100% load it hits high 40's, got the reading using real temp, ran that control center tool from intel and it seems to be just about the same temps although it is hard to say as it displays the temp differently.

                                    i got my board on an antec 900 II case.

                                    This is my second build on a e8500, first one was a htpc i build using a dg45id board, i got the e8500 as i wasnt too into computers and pc gaming and overclocking, so got the e8500 for the speed, and that pc got me into gaming so build the one im on now. I am not sure where you are from but check craigslist, i saw an e8500 there for $90. I am still holding off on the upgrades on mine as everyone keeps telling to go for the quad core but not just ready to do the change yet, as my set up is working perfect for me, i get to play modern warfare 2 with no issues.

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