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    DX58SO AHCI/Raid SATA ports?


      I was told by my friend who works in the PC industry that only SATA ports 0-3 work in AHCI mode and that 4-5 are IDE only, can anyone else confirm this? What if I put the ICH10R controller in a RAID5 config and use ports 3 to 5? Will only port 3 have AHCI with NCQ and 4-5 be left with IDE mode, no NCQ?


      Thanks in advance

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          I would recommend you to read the TPS Manual


          Page 19-20/88


          The board’s Serial ATA controller offers six independent Serial ATA ports with a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 3 Gbits/sec per port. One device can be installed on each port for a maximum of six Serial ATA devices.  The Serial ATA controller can operate in both legacy and native modes.


          The board supports the following RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) levels via the ICH10R:
          • RAID 0 - data striping
          • RAID 1 - data mirroring
          • RAID 0+1 (or RAID 10) - data striping and mirroring
          • RAID 5 - distributed parity


          The six black sata is using Intel Matrix as its onboard RAID controller, where you can access the raid bios utility by pressing Ctrl + I during post.

          The Intel Matrix controller is an AHCI RAID controller so the benefits of AHCI are present when using RAID.


          Tips how to use Intel Matrix:



          Now this board has got another independent Raid Controller which are used with the two e-SATA ports.

          This one is an onboard raid marvell controller whose raid bios is accesed by pressing Ctrl + M.

          If you dont have any e-SATA drives connected, disable the e-SATA in the bios. I think that it is found in advanced >> peripheral configuration.


          Hope that this answers your questions.


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            I tried to use my e-SATA ports, but it does not pick up my drive. Is this e-SATA ports just for a raid combonation or can u use it as normal e-SATA controller.

            I have tried everything but it just don't reconize my e-SATA Drive. Update bios to reload Win7 Ultimate 64bit. I test the e-SATA drive on my notebook and it works fine.

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              I had run into some mysterious problems using the eSATA connections on my DX58SO. My only use has been to connect a single external disk drive. Sometimes the drive wouldn't be noticed, or sometimes I just got odd I/O errors. I swapped cables and drives, but the situation didn't seem to be affected by the peripherals. Otherwise my DX58SO has worked flawlessly. I wondered if there were issues with the eSATA on this board. Someone else on another board made that claim, but I haven't seen it substantiated. Lately I haven't tried the eSATA ports; instead I've just used USB.

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                Is your external hard drive a WD My Book Home Edition? If so, there is a compatibility issue with the firmware that's shipped with the drive. You will need to update the firmware on the drive before the Marvell eSATA controller can properly detect it. Unfortunately, the firmware update for that series of external hard drives only works with the drive connected via USB - and only on systems that use a 32-bit version of Windows (the update program will not run on any 64-bit version of Windows). If you don't have access to a computer with a 32-bit version of Windows, try to do the firmware update on a friend's system.

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                  concerning the esata IO problem i read on a site some time ago the board is having trouble supplying enough voltage to the esata when you have an older power supply and not attached the additional power suply to the auxilary pins on your mobo:


                  copy paste from source http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=262&Itemid=69&limit=1&limitstart=8 ( comments below article):

                  Aha! I finally found an official word that maybe clarifies the need for  the unusual extra "auxiliary power" connector on the DX58SO. This Intel  page indicates that the extra power cable is only necessary when the  primary power connector is an old 2x10 connector, but it's not necessary  with a newer 2x12 connector. So this is just Intel's way of making the  board compatible with older hardware.




                  "Next  generation high-end graphics cards will consume from 75 watts up to 150  watts of power. The PCI Express x16 connector can deliver up to 75  watts. In order to achieve 75W, an ATX12V power supply with a 2x12 main  power connector is recommended. However, 75W can also be achieved with  ATX12V power supplies with 2x10 main power connector when using the 1x4  power connector on the board."