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    HP530 processor help


      ok over all with my lap tops processor i have 2 issues those being this.

      1. slow as **** would love to upgrade if i could

      2. in some programs and places it says it is a dual core and in others it only show 1 core


      information on an upgrade would be great and if so i would prefur a dual core because i am often running multiple things at once.


      here is what i know from CPUID


      cpu is


      even though here it says it is a dual core



      here is additional info which may or may not be helpful








      please help me out if you can and ty ahead of time for doing so

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          Only the manufacturer of your laptop can tell you in detail about what you are looking for. Their website might be of great help.

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            Processor upgrade specifications and information will depend on the motherboard. You may want to contact the system manufacturer for further assistance.

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              dont be a total noob and actually click the links i put there one which is actually called the mainboard.jpg is info on what exatly the main board is. i had this same exact question on HP's website and they sent me here so please dont redirect me back to where i started i just need to know what the best upgrade i can do is its not that hard

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                Although your latest posting to this thread is not address to me, let me explain further what I have posted earlier to avoid being called a noob(we're just trying to help you get the right answer/info or help you out with your question):

                Looking at the title of your thread, the maker or manufacturer of your system is HP. Looking at the link it also says that the motherboard is made by HP. Two components use in your HP system was made by Intel. So would you be asking what processor to place in HP's motherboard to Intel? I think not. You should be asking that question to HP. They design their own motherboard and Intel has no knowledge about their design. That is why you have been referred to HP's website or talk to their tech support about your question.

                Your question is not hard and so are the answers provided to you (they're not really that hard to understand).


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