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    DG45ID - No raid screen/other raid problems after bios update


      System Configuration

      OS: Win 7 Professional x64

      Motherboard: DG45ID

      Memory: 4GB

      CPU: E6600

      HDD: 2 x 500GB Raid 0


      Other noteable hardware

      Raid Card: HPT RocketRaid 2302 Connected to an AMS Venus T5 raid storage.


      So, my system drive is a Raid 0 consisting of 2 x 500GB drives and I have a secondary array that is setup as a Raid 5 with 5 x 500GB drives that are connected to the system using the HPT RocketRaid 2302.  All of this has been working great for over a year now until this evening when I updated the motherboard BIOS from 0097 to 0129.


      Problem #1: Intel Motherboard Raid BIOS setup screen no longer appears and I'm unable to find the option to make it reappear (if its still possible).


      Problem #2: Motherboard now tries to boot to the HPT RocketRaid array instead of the Intel Motherboard Raid array, even when changing the priority in bios or by using F10.  Will only boot to the Intel Motherboard Raid array if i unplug the AMS storage from the HPT RocketRaid card or if i turn the AMS storage bay off.  Then the board will try to boot to the HPT RocketRaid, and when unsuccessful reboots it self, and then boots using the Intel Raid array.  very strange.


      Problem #3: HPT RocketRaid array no longer shows up in windows althought it still says it detects the card.


      Problem #4: Now when in Windows, and loaded into the Intel Rapid Storage Manager utility and managing the array, where it says "System Volume" it says "no", would this be the cause of the problem if the system is no longer properly detecting that the Intel Array is the system volume?


      There was a 5th problem but have now forgotten as this website has shown a server error on me twice now and have had to restart this post twice...


      I've tried reverting the bios from 0129 to 0127 (would go back to 0097 but thats saved on the HPT Raid array!) and haven't seen any change at all.  I would update the HPT RocketRaid BIOS to disable Int 13 and EDBA reallocation which may solve this but the card is no longer detected by the HPT update utility after this motherboard BIOS update.