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    laptop screen brightness functionality about 40% less after Win7 upgrade


      Well, maybe I'll find some answers to this dilemma inthis community.  Upgraded Dell 1520 from XP to Win7.  After complete, screen maximum brightness notably degraded.  Personally checked all settings on the computer - no solutions.  Contacted Microsoft.  After 5 hrs on the phone with them, and them controlling my computer doing changes and downloading various files, no change.  After no solution their tech dept called me back (as they said they would) 2 days later to say the problem lies with Dell.  After 3.5 hrs on the line with Dell, and them controlling my computer... no solution.  I had to pay for that support.  I complained and complained, and complained and wrote aletter.. finally, motre than 2 months got a refund (no apology, no explanation.  No more Dell equipemnt for me -ever (me and three family members have Dells... those will the first and last!  Today this laptop is completely up to date with Windows/Microsft and hardware drivers, including Intel's chipset and graphics driver. No improvement... cannot go outsie on a sunny day - can't read the screen... even a brightly lit room is a real eye strain problem. Searched endlessly for a solution but cannot find anything.  Anyone out there have some advice?  Including Intel maybe?  Please and thank you.