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    Advent 2000 Processor


      Hi I have an Advent PC2000 with a pentium 4 2.0Ghz and i was wondering if I could Put a (pentium 4 2.8Ghz/1M/800) in it

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          Unfortunately, without telling us the exact motherboard and chipset that the system is using, I can assume that your system will not support the 2.80GHz Prescott-core Pentium 4 processor - in other words, "incompatible until proven compatible". However, all systems with a 2.00GHz Pentium 4 processor use only a 400MHz FSB - and some of the 2.00GHz Pentium 4 processors use Socket 423 while others use Socket 478. Neither socket is directly compatible with the other.


          If your system's motherboard uses Socket 423, then the 2.80 will not even physically fit the motherboard's socket. But if your system's motherboard uses Socket 478, then there is a good chance that the motherboard's chipset might not support the Prescott-core processors or even an 800MHz FSB speed. Plus, the 2.80 Prescott Pentium 4 was offered in both Socket 478 and LGA775 versions - and LGA775 was not yet on the market at the time that your particular system was manufactured.


          And even if your system's motherboard proves compatible with the 2.80E Pentium 4, you are also going to need much better processor and case cooling than what you currently have. This will cost you more money than you've anticipated.


          And because of the costs involved (which will likely be much, much more than what your entire system is currently worth), you might as well retire that system and build or purchase an entirely new system with all-new components. That Pentium 4, even at 2.8GHz, can barely run Windows Vista or Windows 7 - and there are no Vista or Win7 drivers available for many of your system's components. And after July 13 of this year, if you will still be running Windows XP on that system, only the Service Pack 3 release will continue to be supported by Microsoft. Support for Service Pack 2 will be retired on that date or 30 days after the last critical Windows XP SP2 security fix is issued (if such a fix is issued within 30 days of the scheduled end of support life), whichever is later.


          And when your system was originally manufactured, it could have been shipped with Windows Me or Windows 2000. Microsoft support for Windows Me was retired in July 2006. Support for Win 2000 will be retired on the same day as Windows XP Service Pack 2 - July 13 of this year (unless a critical security fix for Windows 2000 is issued within 30 days of that date).


          In other words, your system has already been obsolete for a few years now.

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            thank you for the insightful information on my problem I have been looking on ebay at some motherboards socket 775 and some pentium D duel cores. so that will be the rout I will take thank you agin.

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              And if you do get a 775 motherboard on eBay, be sure that it has an Intel 3-series or 4-series chipset (e.g. G33, P45, etc.) That way, you will be able to put in a new Core 2 or Pentium (Dual-Core) E-series or Q-series (e.g. E6600, Q9400). You will also need to purchase all new DDR2 or DDR3 memory (depending on the motherboard), a new SATA hard drive, a new power supply and possibly a new SATA DVD drive and new PCI-Express graphics card for that "new" self-build. In other words, almost none of your existing old major components can be carried over to a new system.


              On the other hand, if you choose to continue using your existing system's old major components, you're stuck with motherboards that are almost as old as the one in your current system - and you might not even be able to upgrade to 775 at that.