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    Boot Problems


      I am a first-time computer builder and I'm using the DX58SO as my motherboard. I connected all the power from my 750 W power supply to the necessary slots. I've also connected my hard drive and graphics card as well. However, when I try to boot the system, I get nothing on the video side. The system will attempt to boot once for about 5 seconds, turn off, then boot again, and still nothing. I don't know if this info will help but I'm using:



      --i7 930 processor

      --Sapphire Radeon 5770 craphics card

      --Corsair 750 W power supply.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Your problem is discussed in some of the threads in this forum. Updating the bios is one of the solution.

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            I am unable to even boot the BIOS. It's as if there is no video output from the board. Unless there is a way to update the BIOS another way?a


            UPDATE: I took everything apart and put it back together. I got the BIOS to load up a few times, get past the startup screen for the OS (it just kept rebooting). So once, I did a Windows diagnostic test to see why the OS can't start up properly, and it froze. I tried a hard reset but then after powering on the status LED's on my chassis were blank, despite the motherboard's LED's powering on. However, there was only a blank screen. I don't know a whole lot about motherboards and processors, but what's making sense in my head right now is that there is a problem with the processor connection if it won't boot the BIOS but the board will power up. Anyone have any thoughts?

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              Here is a thread that is considered solved by the author. If the link does not work search the title something like "Dx58s0, no beep, no error".