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    Pointcloud unexpected interpolation along view direction


      I am using ubuntu 16.04, realsense d435 and launched the rs_rgbd.launch file from GitHub - intel-ros/realsense: Intel(R) RealSense(TM) ROS Wrapper for D400 series and SR300 Camera  . The point cloud seems to be interpolating in the viewing direction. And because of this, there seems to be elongated tails of points where there should be empty space. I have done the calibration.

      RGB Image:


      The point cloud that is generated by the realsense_camera driver looks like these:

      Front view


      Side view



      There is a similar post here: D435 Depth unexpected interpolation.  But I didn't see a solution. I posted the question here as well: Pointcloud unexpected interpolation along view direction? · Issue #507 · intel-ros/realsense · GitHub . Can someone help me with this issue?


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          Hi CTTC,


          Thank you for your interest in the Intel RealSense D435 camera.
          If you run the rs-align example, on the left side there is a scroll bar where you can increase/decrease the distance.  If it is set to 1 meter, then the information further than that distance will be cut out. You can increase the distance from there.
          Let me know if this solves your issue.



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            Hi, thanks a lot for your reply.


            I tried rs_align example. It will cut all the depth that is greater than the threshold. But my problem here is that it seems the depth are being interpolated somehow. Below is another example (I used the rs_pointcloud). Here the red color from the chair is even extended to the wall. I believe the depth image is being interpolated somehow.


            The front view:

            The top-down view: