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    x25-m 160gb G2 dead - smart B8 and fails boot.


      Just as I was sitting doing my taxes (vat) I got a SMART alert: B8 End to End error Detection Count. Drive is going to fail.


      I hurried up and finished it, but did not have any means of backup at hand (not with this short warning!).


      I closed down the computer and tried to reboot - and right enough, it failed.

      I used the win7 repair function. It worked a bit, but then said that the HD was dead, sorry.


      So. Any experience with this? Any way of getting my data off the drive? How many loops must I jump to get a new drive?


      And - googling for this error I find A LOT of other posts...


      Are the 160gb G2's simply brooken? Should I go back to spinners instead of SSD's?


      ~~Peter Eduard~~