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    What model Intel NIC is in the HP Envy x360 13" convertible laptop (2018)?


      I just ordered this laptop online, a few minutes ago...There were two "Networking" options: a generic NIC, and an Intel one.  The very brief/basic descriptions were identical, except the generic one had  the letters "MU-MIMO" in it, and the other one obviously had "Intel" in it--but I was surprised that it did NOT have "MU-MIMO" in it...i figure that could've just been an omission in the text but not in reality.  I just want to make sure the NIC i ordered has the MU-MIMO feature/standard.  So...What what model # Intel NIC would i actually be getting with this laptop right now?  Then i can look if it has MU-MIMO.


      I called HP sales and asked, but they were clueless as to what i was talking about (they tried...but it was obvious they had no idea what they were talking about...she said the difference between them was one connects to your router over wifi and the speed you get depends on your router, whereas the other is a router and you use a cable...not kidding!). 


      I could've waited and called tech support tomorrow to clarify this before i ordered...but there was a really good price and i was afraid the discount might end tonight, so i had to pull the trigger.  but this NIC doesn't have what i want, i figure i can cancel and re-order tomorrow.


      Please let me know.  Thanks in advance!