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      Dear all,

          i have used Pyrealsense onlinux ubuntu 16.04 with intel Realsense ZR300. My problem is that there are some unwanted patterns on the IR projector as figure below.  After that i try to decrease a value of the laser power with this code:



             [     custom_options = [(rs_option.RS_OPTION_R200_LR_EXPOSURE, 227.0), (rs_option.RS_OPTION_R200_LR_GAIN, 3249.0),            

                  (rs_option.RS_OPTION_R200_EMITTER_ENABLED, 1), (rs_option.RS_OPTION_F200_LASER_POWER, 13)]

                  dev.set_device_options(*zip(*custom_options))   ]


      The result is : error


                                                INFO:pyrealsense.core:There are 1 connected RealSense devices.

                                                INFO:pyrealsense.core:Using device 0, an Intel RealSense ZR300

                                                INFO:pyrealsense.core:    Serial number: 3511804317

                                                INFO:pyrealsense.core:    Firmware version:

                                                ERROR:pyrealsense.utils:rs_error was raised when calling rs_set_device_options(device:0x2787650, options:0x7f458edc79a0, count:4,


                                                ERROR:pyrealsense.utils:    Option unsupported




      If you have any idea, please suggest me