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    Intel 965 mobile express has multiple problems.



      I have this chipset - and I am sorry I do. I thought: I'm lucky I've found this Intel machine, good and reliable hardware. Now I see that it is not. There are many problems with it on Windows XP and Linux. And nobody bothers to fix them.


      There is no proper shader support on WinXP. There is something that makes lots of games just crash. Very rare driver updates. The only new thing I found in this driver is an annoying bubble that says that my screen resolution is bad. Well, thank you, I can figure that out! And there is simply NO good driver for Linux. Everything is slow there just like I have Pentium @ 233 MHz with software rendering - good old times when Intel was good.



      If you're done making good hardware, then you're done existing. I won't buy an Intel graphics card anymore. And I'll be VERY careful choosing a chipset. Or a notebook that contains them.



      Will these problems get fixed someday? At least in our age? Why don't you just keep supporting what you've done, and keep supporting it well?





      Sorry if I made it too hard. I'm just tired of low-quality products with low-quality support.