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    Can't see depth data with D435, and also strange "UI Offset" errors


      Hey all.


      I just got my D435 cameras and immediately ran into several problems.

      All of these problems happen on both my desktop and laptop, both are running Windows 10 and have a 1070 GPU.


      1. When running the viewer I get this error:

      UI Offset Detected

      The application has detected possible UI alignment issue


      I have an nVidia GPU with latest drivers installed.


      2. There is no depth data. I can see the 2D image, but when I switch to 3D all I see is the plane and arrows. No point cloud or mesh.


      3. I can't update the firmware. The firmware tool will list the camera, but when I try to update it will result in this error:

      No DFU device was conntect

      Failed to burn firmware


      After this the camera is not recognized anymore, until I cycle the USB connection.


      Any ideas what is going on?