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    Windows XP drivers for Intel HD Graphics are not meant for playing games?


      In all games and I mean it, in all games that I try to play on Intel Core i5 CPU with newest Windows XP drivers (XP SP3 32bit with all updates is installed here) Intel HD Graphics drivers hang/freeze from 2 minutes of playing to 2 hours of playing.


      E.g. Far Cry 1 patch v1.4, usually hangs 3-15 minutes through playing. King's Bounty The Legend hangs in just 1-2 minutes after you start playing.


      This problem occurs much sooner during the course of playing if I enable only 128MB of system RAM allocated to this GPU, and a bit later if I set DVMT to use maximum allowed system RAM.


      My hardware configuration:


      CPU: Intel Core i5 660

      Motherboard: ASRock H55DE3

      RAM: 4GB DDR3

      OS: Windows XP SP3 Professional with all updates installed, as well as the latest available downloadable drivers.


      I don't have desire, nor money to upgrade to Windows 7.

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