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    I Got New Intel DG41rq Motherboard and Made a Problem?


      Hey , I got new intel dg41rq motherboard, first time i installed windows xp, it's work great,

      Af that i installed windows 7 but it doesn't work

      when windows 7 installed finish and after the restart and bios runing, it comes to the black screen,

      Then popup _ this mark on my screen after 1-2 minutes it's automaticaly shutdown( even not loading windows 7, stuck on blackscreen after the bios setup)

      what's the problem?

      I have a headache for that matter?

      pls reply me


      my processor type is intel dual core 2.0 /800fsb, 2 667 1gb rams, 2 250 heard disks, nvidia 9300gs video card dats it,