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    Overclocking Utility


      Running Win 7 64 bit on DP55WB MB socket 1156 and an i7 860 CPU with 8 GB RAM.

      I put togeather this machine aprox 6 mos ago. At that time I remember there was a small easy to use overclocking utility ( I assume from Intel).

      The utility display was clean and simple, showing from left to right three easy 'click here' type buttons, each a different color, to make overclocking

      as simple as could be.

      The button on the left was for minimal overclocking, the middle button for moderate, and the button on the right for maximum overclocking.

      I clicked on the leftmost button and my i7 860 cpu has been running at aprox 3.3 GHz ever since.

      Problem is I cannot now locate the utility.  I have forgotten lits name, and nothing in the Intel directories/folders in either of the Program Files folders

      appears to be said Utility.

      My machine has been doing random re-boots and I want to try returning to the standard 2.8 GHz clock speed on the cpu.

      Not being able to find the utility program is causing me grief.

      Does my description of the utility sound familiar to anyone?

      Any assistance will be appreciated.

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          You can try the bios to put things back to normal/default. Before you do that jot down the settings in case you want to put it back to OC values.

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            To all who have been puzzled by my discription of the problem; I appologize profusely.

            The overclocking utility which I was remembering was/is for a completely different mobo.

            It is in fact a utility packaged with some Gigabyte mobo's.

            I am running Win 7 Pro on three separate machines.


            The random re-boot problem (and POST beeps) turned out to be a malfunctioning Intel mobo.

            Intel replaced the board.   The problem deminished but still occurred.  After two years of troubleshooting, I replaced the Intel with an Asus mobo and the problems disappeared.


            This thread may now be closed.


            To Intel: PLEASE put a spell-checker into this message posting arena.