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    the latest bios P10 for D845PEBT2 MB has no selection in Advanced for SATA drives.


      I have an intel MOBO D845PEBT2 that I have been using since 2003.  I have always had IDE drives. Last week I tried to add a SATA drive since the MOBO came with 2 SATA ports.  I am able to write and read to the 1tb seagate drive, but it will not boot. I have gone back to P08 and lost my usb mouse, so changed back to P10. There is no option in the bios under advanced where it lists drives where I can make the changes that were referenced in the document "Troubleshooting boot problems". Is there a special bios that gives the option for advanced > Drive configuration menu? or in a SATA Drives menu > Chipset SATA Mode > set to IDE? HELP!!!!!!!!!  I tried to install xp and it didn't find any SATA Drive.  of course I was using a IDE DVD drive to do the install from.