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    DH55TC PWM fans always running @ 100% ?



      I have a problem with a DH55TC Mainboard. There are 2 PWM fans connected to the board (CPU anf Front). The problem is, that they don't go slower than 100%. The mainboard is build into a HTPC. Therefore it's too noisy for the living room.

      I have unlocked QST in Bios, but it seems that the board doesn't recognize the fans. I've made 2 pictures of the Bios screen




      I have also installed the Intel(R) Desktop Utilities but they neither show fans / fan-speeds nor cpu temparatures.


      So what can I do to automatically slow down the fans if the cpu is cool enough?

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          wow the second screenshot is definitely not normal and shows that there is some serious problem with your hardware. It looks like not only the fans speed is not detected, but also all the temperatures and the voltages, and it is not an operating system problem, since the screenshot is from the BIOS screen. Try to update the BIOS with the latest version and see if it helps. If it doesn't, my guess is that your motherboard is defective. As a last resort check all cables and remove all expansion or graphic cards you might have.

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            Thanks for the answer! You are the first who tells me, that there could be an hardware problem. The Bios is already the newest. Could be I have to reclamate it at the Online Shop I've brought ist. I don't habe a graphics card. I'm using the Core i5 build in graphics.

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              It might be worth showing the screenshot to somebody at Intel Customer Service to be sure that the board is really defective. If it is, you will probably have to contact your on-line seller rather than Intel for a refund or for a new board. But I'm not really sure about that. All on-line sellers have a refund policy that can be viewed from the website, you should read it. Some manufacturers also provide support directly to customers so that they will replace the board by sending you a new one, without you having to contact your on-line seller, you really should contact Intel and ask them about it. On my DH55TC box there is a sign saying "3 years warranty", so in a way or another they should do something about it. Good luck with your board !

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                Bios Update to 86A sadly didnÄ't change anything. I don't want to build out the mainboard :-( Thats so much time to work for.

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                  I just wanted to tell you that the Problem has been solved! I got a ticket from the Intel Support and they told me to make a CMOS clear (take out the CMOS battery when the PC is not plugged on) and the do a Bios recovery to the specified Version.

                  Now the fan is not hearable and things that didn't work bevore (WOL) do now!