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    NUC 16GB optane not recognized on multiple systems all with same error


      So I bought several intel nuc7i3BNHFX with a preinstalled Optane 16gb drive and 1tb drive, 4gb ram and windows 10 preinstalled.

      TO MY SURPRISE. none of the pc's have the optane drive preinstalled.

      First PC I downloaded the optane software and ran it, restarted the pc and half way through the restart I get a message that says something like

      RECOFIGURING SATA TO WORK WITH OPTANE. This is not the correct words, but the general idea.

      PC restarts a 2nd time. I open the optane software again and I get the common error message:




      Call intel and they tell me to uninstall the program, rebooth, and reinstall and then reboot and check BIOS for correct settings

      Did that, no difference. Support tells me to mail it back for warranty replacement.


      I get the feeling that when I am on hold support is searching google for solutions. Seriously.


      So I open up 2nd pc and same issue.


      There is no way in heaven this is a coincidence. Something is wrong with how the system is configured. There is no way it is a hardware issue.


      please help.  After spending about 2 hrs with support they are now closed, Really can't wait till Monday to figure this out!