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    Intel Wireless 4965 AGN AP List Caching Question

      Hello all, I am doing some research involving wifi localization (think GPS with wifi access points).  I have done some initial testing, but I still have a few questions about the hardware:


      "iwlist wlan1 scan" dumps the access points in range of the antenna, and it includes a "Quality" (XX/70) and a "Signal level" (-XX dBm) ratings.  What do these correspond to on the hardware?  Is there a way to get the signal strength and noise level for a given AP?

      Does the hardware cache the results of the last scan for a certain amount of time?  I have collected data continuously, but the data is very flat with a few steps (link).  This indicates that something is caching the results of the scan - whether it be the hardware, kernel driver, or iwlist.


      Any help or insight you can afford me is greatly appreciated!