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    ThinkPad W510 vs MacBook Pro

      I am a software engineer who performs the following operations on a daily basis:


      • Run multiple VMware workstations in the desktop (at least 4-5 concurrent instances).
      • Build a large Java code base.
      • Run an app server (WebLogic) and database (Oracle).
      • Run some Java development/debugging tools such as Eclipse IDE, Fortify etc.


      All of these are to be run concurrently. I normally have 20-30 applications in the desktop at any given time and do not reboot for several weeks.


      I wish to purchase a laptop with a high-performance CPU + 8 GB RAM.


      Can you please recommend which will be more suitable for me from the following two options?


      1. ThinkPad W510 with i7 i7-920XM Processor Extreme Edition (8M Cache, 2.00 GHz).
      2. MacBook Pro with i7-6X series processor (4MB cache, 2.66 GHz)


      Has there been a benchmark of i7 processor on these systems?


      Info/recommendations will be appreciated - thanks!