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    Cleanup Tool for Intel Optane needed



      my Desktop-PC with ASUS Z170-A Motherboard supports Intel RST but   n o t   Intel Optane.

      It has 6 SATA-Ports (0-5). When I try to install Intel RST the MSI-log (see attached file) is showing at least two Errors.

      One says "Your system has Intel® Optane" memory module currently connected to the CPU. This module is a member of a RAID volume." which is not true.

      The other says "Failed to find atom ATOM_INSTALLING_VERSION_WITH_SATA_PORT_6_OR_7_IN_USE. Error: 2" which is not true either. I don't have an ATOM CPU.

      There must be something messed up with my Installation regarding RST and Optane therefore i'm asking for a cleanup tool.


      I attached an SSU-Output but unfortunately even the newest SSU does not include my storage devices.


      Kind regards