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    How to save / load intrinsics to / from file (python)




      I'm running a RealSense D435 camera from python code, currently using the callback mechanism through sensor.start

      My code captures depth frames, displays most of them and a saves some of them, currently as independent 16 bit png files.


      I would like to be able to open the frames after the fact and convert them to point clouds. Most simple way seems to be to use rs.rs2_deproject_pixel_to_point, as pointcloud requires a frame as input, and at this processing point I'm currently not over concerned with speed at this point.


      For this however I need to save and load the stream intrinsics, and was wondering if there is a direct way to do that? pickle doesn't seem to work on it and the offline part of the module seems to have been removed. Saving a bag file also doesn't seem like an option as it does not allow inspection like PNGs and does not seem to allow me to choose frames to save after the fact