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      Hello. I am a new to computer building, but I trying to build one myself and need some help, an advise. What processor shuld I go with? I need computer that easy can hendel operation like modeling in maya, animation and compasting in after effect, I have EVGA x58 sli le.

      Thank you for your time.

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          From the link EVGA:



          Here are the tested list of CPU for this motherboard:

          Socket 1366:

          Core i7 980X - 3.33 GHz**
          Core i7 975 - 3.33 GHz
          Core i7 965 - 3.20 GHz
          Core i7 960 - 3.20 GHz
          Core i7 950 - 3.06 GHz
          Core i7 940 - 2.93 GHz
          Core i7 930 - 2.80 GHz
          Core i7 920 - 2.66 GHz
          Xeon W3580 - 3.33 GHz
          Xeon W3570 - 3.20 GHz
          Xeon W3540 - 2.93 GHz
          Xeon W3520 - 2.66 GHz

          ** The  latest BIOS update is necessary to run the 980X on the X58 chipset.


          The best thing to do is to use this link below to compare the CPU features and decides which one best suits your needs.



          Animation, maya etc software works more efficiently with CPU that have higher cache size, note this is not recommended but it is good to have. I will start by checking the minimum hardware requirements for the software to be installed and then choose a cpu wisely.


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