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      So the new i7-980X is supposed to work with the DX58SO motherboard. So far I have gotten two of these processors and neither of them have worked in the two DX58SO's I have (first one I returned and it was replaced by the second. When trying to troubleshoot my rig, I put my old i7-940 processor in the exact same setup as I had the 980X in, and it started up fine.

      Then I went to see if there were any new BIOS updates that might be available (in case I needed it to get the new processor to work). I found the latest drivers for my board, and installed them. THe computer shut itself down to install, and when it restarted nothing seemed to happen. I'm guessing it isn't passing POST (none of the DXX58SO's I have had ever beeped after a sucessful post) because the lights are all turning on, but the hard drive doesn't seem to be turning on (tried two different hard drives and had the same result) and the light on my graphics card that lights up when it's sending info to the monitor isn't lighting up. The hard drive light lights up at first, then goes off after about 15 seconds.

      Now for some reason, every combination of RAM GPU, CPU, Mobo, and hard drive ends up the same. I tried all my old parts in the exact same configuration that they originally worked in, but i'm getting the same result with them.


      So my real question: Does anyone have a DX58SO that is working with an i7-980X? Also, has anyone had simmilar issues with the newest drivers for the DX58SO?

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          First of all, did you update the BIOS to version 5200 (I don't recommend the 5020 version due to various bugs) with your old i7-940 still on the board? Or did you put in the i7-980X before you run the BIOS update?


          Second, I don't trust updating the BIOS from within Windows: You will never know what you're going to get; in fact, any manually tweaked settings set in the existing BIOS might mess up the updated BIOS, resulting in a bad BIOS flash and a corrupt system. Instead, I'd recommend updating the BIOS to 5200 with your old 940 still on the board using the Recovery BIOS method with the Recovery BIOS copied onto a USB flash drive (the flash drive must have been formatted using FAT or FAT32 and not NTFS or exFAT). And go back into the CMOS setup and load setup defaults to reset any tweaked processor and memory settings. Then, open your system's case and remove the single jumper from the motherboard completely (but please take note where the jumper originally was located so that you can reinstall the jumper in the exact same spot when you're done). The flash procedure can take several minutes to complete. After the flash is complete, reinstall the jumper in the exact same spot where you removed it from, and then remove the battery and let the system sit with the battery removed for a few minutes, then reinstall the battery. Now, replace the 940 with the 980X and then power your system back on - and load the setup defaults first, then reboot and enter the BIOS setup and then re-tweak your settings, then restart again.

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            When I ran the BIOS updateI had the 5020 version and I was updating to the 5200 version. I had my 940 in because my 980X wouldn't pass POST. I don't have any special BIOS settings (I think everything's still set to default. No overclocking) so I don't think that caused any issues.


            I'll try the recovery method from a flash drive and see if that fixes anything. Thanks.

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              I was able to try to recover the BIOS tonight, but it had no effect. it still started up without doing anything. It didnmt seem to recognise the flash drive at all (I did format it for fat32) and nothing happened on the screen.


              Ithink I may have mentioned thi, but I have two DX58SO mobo's, and I originally tried updating the BIOS on only one of them, but now neither seem to work at all. I'll take my processors down to my local computer place and see if they can verify if they're good or not.