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    PIN Server Discovery


      Hi Intel Team.


      I am installing Intel Unit Enterprise. PIN server and Hub has been setup. I would like to setup the hub to auto discover PIN server.

      I have DHCP, DNS, and DNS suffix setup already, however hub cannot discover PIN server.


      I tried install Hub manually input address of PIN server, it worked without any issue.

      Please advise how to discovery PIN server. Thanks.


      HW: Fujitsu Q957/MRE

      Windows 10 Pro


      Server: V3.3.150.19

      Hub: V3.3.150.19

      Client: Not yet installed


      Michael Tam

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello michael.tam,


          Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities.


          To answer your question, the option to automatically connect to the PIN server is the choice set by default when you are running the installer.


          Please refer to the screenshot attached for more information.


          Also, in order to find the best way to fix the issue of the auto discovery not working, try the following so we can have more information:


          • Launch the Intel Unite application on the Hub with a debug switch, i.e. from the command prompt navigate to the folder where the application is saved and run: IntelUnite.exe /debug This will open a debug window and display the connection information


          When done, please attach the debug file here as .txt file.


          David V

          Intel Customer Support Technician
          Under Contract to Intel Corporation

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            Hi David.


            Thanks for your help. I am able to use the debug switch (Intel Unite.exe /debug) to find the problem.

            On the DNS record, I have mis-configure the address as server1.fjdemo.local, the server running Intel Unite should be server2.fjdemo.local.

            Now all the hub are able to discovery PIN server.


            I have another problem related to autodiscovery for client, I will raise a new thread. Thanks.