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    Intel X25-M G2 Not Recognised In AHCI Mode After Running Win 7 Restore




      I have an 80GB  Intel X25-M G2, with latest firmware, attached to 1st SATA port on Intel ICH10R cont. of Gigabyte EP45 UD3P mobo in AHCI mode, I am using the latest drivers released by Intel ( with Win 7.


      The problem I am experiencing is that after having made a backup (image) using Win 7 Backup and Restore utility, at a later date, after having run it from the created boot CD to do a restore, with the restore having completed when I thing come to boot into Win 7, the Intel SSD is not recognised by mobo, the booting process stops on the AHCI screen with the Intel SSD just not being recognised. However, if I power off and remove SATA cable from SSD and power on again, the other 3 HDD are recognised in AHCI mode, which lets me get into BIOS and if I set ICH10R to IDE and save and exit, if I then power off and reconnect SATA cable to SSD and power on again, the SSD (now running in IDE mode) is recognised.


      The only way I have found to remedy this is to actually run HDDerase v4, and then run the Win 7 Restore utility again from the boot CD, which having completed, the mobo then recognises the SSD and boots straight into Win 7.


      Can anybody shed any light on the possible cause of this problem, is it a problem with the Intel SSD, or the Gigabyte motherboard or something else?