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    What is Direct Media Interface (DMI)?



      I want to know that what is DMI? is it successor of QPI of Microprocessors?

      Please have a links:



      Both represent same Model "X3470". where one page it has been mentioning that Bus Speed: 2.5 GT/s and when you review second link which shows: DMI 2.5 GT/s.  Can you eleborate it? Is DMI latest one or what?

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          Kinda sort of yes and nop... have a look here it may explain it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Media_Interface

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            I have had the wikipedia link but i wanted to have official statement regarding DMI. I am not getting your statement of "Kinda sort of yes and nop..."

            Say yes it is or No, it is not. Nothing exist between yes and no. . Kindly state me proper officail statement.

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              There is a lot and nothing between yes and no.

              But that is the DMI explanation: is point-to-point interconnection between an Intel northbridge and an Intel southbridge on a computer motherboard.

              Just that with teh new architecture teh northbridge is now on the CPU. much clearer than that you cannot get, i hope this satifies your needs for absolutes

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                Okay,as you are already aware that QPI stands for Quick Path Interconnect and DMI means Direct Media Interface.


                The Intel (R) QPI is a high speed bus which can deliver up to 25.6GB/s bandwidth.
                For dual or more socket system like our server board S5520UR, S5520HC etc., in such a case scenario, the QPI link would be preferred due to its very fast speed bus.


                Here DMI comes into play, it is the link between the X58 chipset and the ICH10 I/O controller; nowadays between the PCH and the CPU, it can deliver up to 2-4 GB/s of bandwidth which is more than enough for legacy, sata, usb and additional PCIe stuffs.


                Direct Media Interface (DMI) is a chip-to-chip interconnect between the ICH and the (G)MCH, designed to meet increasing bandwidth needs and usage models. DMI supports 2 GB/second concurrent transfer rates via two unidirectional lanes, eliminating the hub interface bi-directional implementation, thereby laying the foundation for less contention.


                Additionally, DMI integrates advanced priority-based servicing allowing for concurrent traffic and true isochronous transfer capabilities providing improved quality of service. This high-speed interface ensures that the I/O subsystem (PCI Express, Intel High Definition Audio, SATA, USB, etc.),receives the bandwidth necessary for peak performance.


                It is not a replacement of QPI, it is just a different link which is used wherever needed.


                Hope this clarifies a bit.


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