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    Intel S520HC beeps



      I have a Intel S520HC serverboard with 2 Xeon Processor e5620 and 8GB RAM Kingston KVR1333D3D8R9S/2GI (x 4).

      The ram is 1333mhz but my system see it 1067mhz...Why? I need to update anything?

      When i start the server i have 3 beet shorts, in the manual this is for a RAM ERROR, but i dont understand because all my 8GB was read by the system....

      Another question is: you know if is possible to install Snow Leopard Apple on my server?

      Thanx at all


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          Xeon E5620 supports 800 and 1066MHz memory speed, so 1333Mhz DIMM will work at 1066MHz. 3 short beeps does not indicate memory error. It's normal during POST. If you have memory error you'll get 3 long beeps and no display. You can hear that by powering up the system with no DIMM populated.