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    i7-860 crashes on innocent code


      i7-860, running winXP-SP2 (i know! crappy OS).. however..  when i try to run a pretty vanilla C piece of C code, it crashes the app.  The same code runs fine on Pentium-M, and a quad core-Q9300.

      the code is x86 code compiled with MSVC++ 2008.

      its a small loop of code that crashes it, the rest of the program.. about ~250k lines seems to run fine.. i've been writing code for years, its not a blatant noob issue.  im really struggling to understand why an i7 would crash, when a variety of other boxes from Q9300,Core2,PentiumM  boxes work fine.


      Im going to jump to a conclusion here:  could it possibly be a code execution bug?  or at least a faulty processor..  i struggle to see how its the code at fault.