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    i5-650 igxprd32 crash

      Im currently running windows XP pro with an i5-650 LGA 1156 processor.


      I have tried installing both drivers (the previous release and the more current release)


      Both seem to work fine, the earlier driver was running gaming for about 2 hours until it starting crashing and locking up the system.


      The latter driver would lock up the system after 15-30 min of gaming, both which give me an igxprd32 error.


      I have searched the web a bit and the fix seems to be an even older driver release that works with this type of chipset. I was wondering where it could be found or if there was a fix for this.         

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          Dont know where a fix can be found.  I am getting blue screens and random crashes, primarily when running full screen video or games, and no one so far will respond.   This is in x64 though.  As far as I can tell, the drivers for win7 have a lot of problems, so the solution is to buy a discreet graphics card from nvidia (like a GT 210/220, low end) and use that.  I am at the point where I wonder why they bothered to put the graphics in this thing.