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    Does the Intel 925x chipset NOT support cards like the HD4650?

      Hi folks. Got a new Sapphire Radeon HD4650 from the ATI class action suit. I have all the latest drivers, bios and everything for my Dell XPS Gen 3 machine. Popped the HD4650 in and if I was plugged into DVI my computer wouldn't boot, if I unplugged from DVI or had it plugged into VGA it would boot but the screen image was messed up.




      Now I chatted with Dell support and they said my XPS is compatible with the HD4650 but after numerous emails with ATI...they tell me "Dell is not correct on the compatibility with the HD4xxx series cards though.  An Intel 925 chipset is not PCI Express 1.1 hardware compliant.  You may have issues with the replacement card as well in this older motherboard."


      Is this true? Is my ol' 2004 Dell XPS just too old to install newer graphics cards??