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    Optane disable operation did not finish, now windows can't boot, macrium can't restore


      Hi there,

      I have been updating all components of my NUC 7i7BNH build, for general troubleshooting.


      I read here, that in order to update firmware on Optane modules, you must first disable system acceleration



      I opened the intel optane memory application and chose to disable system acelleration.

      The process went through steps 1 2 and 3, and now has looped back to 'step 1 of 3: preparing system'

      The circle animation continues to turn, and my system is still fully functional, but the disable process appears to be making no more progress.

      It has remained like this for at least half an hour now.


      Optane preparing the system.png


      steps 1 2 and 3 all completed within only a few minutes I believe.

      I don't know if I'm just impatient or if something is not working correctly

      I've checked a few threads here, and am worried I could end up with a serious problem if I choose to restart my system whilst this disable process is apparently still running.

      I feel my options are:

      1. Wait it out
      2. restart the system, come what may
      3. attempt to go ahead with optane firmware update via ssd toolbox, regardless of Intel Optane Memory program's status

      Any guidance at all would be appreciated

      Thanks So Much,