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    D435 camera :no depth data received


      i connect the D435 camera to PC(windows 7), install the realsense sdk 2.0, open the intel realsense viewer(win 7), it works fine ,i can see both depth and rgb image, the i open the example program; there is a hello-world program:


      using namespace rs2;

      void main()


          // Create a Pipeline, which serves as a top-level API for streaming and processing frames

          pipeline p;

          // Configure and start the pipeline


          while (true)


              // Block program until frames arrive

              frameset frames = p.wait_for_frames();

              // Try to get a frame of a depth image

              depth_frame depth = frames.get_depth_frame();

              // The frameset might not contain a depth frame, if so continue until it does


              if (!depth) continue;

              // Get the depth frame's dimensions

              float width = depth.get_width();

              float height = depth.get_height();

              // Query the distance from the camera to the object in the center of the image

              float dist_to_center = depth.get_distance(width / 2, height / 2);

              // Print the distance

              std::cout << "The camera is facing an object " << dist_to_center << " meters away \r";




      the depth is always NULL, the program cannot output the distance value;

      then i open the realsense viewer, it show usb cam overflow.


      why is that?

      Did i miss something, or config the vs studio? i am using vs 2015 community version.