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    DP55KG don't post




      I've integrated my new computer with DP55KG, but it doesn't post. I've checked graphics card, memory, cpu and my motherboard doesn't post. I also can't see anything on the POST's display after i try to turn on my computer.


      When i try to turn on, it seens that in miliseconds everything is working; but my motherboard keeps in stand by (standby's led is turned on).


      This is my configuration:


      • Motherboard DP55KG;
      • CPU i7-860;
      • 2x 2GB Kingston Memory DD3 1333 Mhz (plugged on blue sockets);
      • Graphics Card Xfx GT 210;
      • Power Supply Zalman ZM750-HP;
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          Hi, what happens if you remove teh GPU and try and boot. Then what also happens when you take out the memory and boot? what does the CPU fan do do you get any beeps?

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            When i remove my GPU and try to boot, nothing happens. I get no beeps and CPU fan doesn't work.

            The same happens when i removed GPU + memory.


            On all the tests, the standby's led was turn on, i got no beeps and CPU fan doesn't work.


            I really don't know that is happenning, or the CPU is defect, or the motherboard is one. Do you think that is a good time to use its warranty?


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              Make sure the small power cable is conneceted. The one near the CPU. When I first powered mine up, I had forgotten this, and the system came up for less than a second and then shut down.

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                Is "Small power cable" mean PCI-E2 power one? I checked it (PCI-E2 one).

                The only cable who i didn't connect is the SATA power cable, because my graphics card consume only 68W.


                Now i'm testing: motherboard + CPU + memory. Nothing else happens.